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Update on Project

2013-12-26 09:49:04 by blablob

I've recently made some really nice progress on my next game. There is still quite a ways to go, but for now here is a picture of the title screen:




Epic Upgrade. Do you like that name? I worked on this game a few years back, in GameMaker, but I lost the file and about 5 months worth of progress, which kept me reluctant to restart the project. Now that I've moved on to Flash, I thought I would finally go for a fresh start. 

The catch with this game is that instead of a regular upgrade system where you can buy everything as long as you have enough money, this system branches out into a set of paths. You can't buy an upgrade unless you've bought the one before it, and you'll never know what an upgrade does until you can buy it. 

I'm still tossing the idea around that unlocking one upgrade path will lock out the other upgrade paths. In fact, a lot of plans I have are still up in the air. The game is quite a ways away from completion, so if any of you have any ideas you'd like to pitch, go for it.

More to come later.


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