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Released? - Empire Business 2

2014-12-15 11:16:40 by blablob

Empire Business 2 is finally here!....Well, kind of. You see, the game isn't quite finished.

For anyone who has been following my progress updates on the game, this might come as a bit of a shocker, but I really had to draw the line somewhere. The code is becoming way too convoluted at this point, and the inadequate planning mixed in with my poor programming skills have taken their toll on the game's progress speed.

I'm in college now, and I just wrapped up my classes for this semester, including a computer science course. I learned a lot of useful information in this class that I could easily apply to my future games. Even though EB2 is a complete mess as far as programming goes, I'd like to believe that the last 9 months have been a valuable learning experience, and that my future projects will benefit because of it.

Over the past couple months, EB2 has been slowly approaching development hell. After promising so much, I didn't want to just let this game die. At the same time, I think it's time to move on and make a fresh start. So, in light of that, I've made a few last-minute changes to the game in order to make it feel more complete despite its unfinished nature. 

If you would like my personal opinion, I'd say that the current build is still miles ahead of EB1. I really hope you guys enjoy it, and on a happier note, I hope you look forward to whatever I do next!


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2015-04-30 10:09:05



2015-05-07 16:09:24

Have you read about SCRUM?
I've totally been where you are with unmanageable code.
Sometimes if you don't organize from the beginning, you can
make a lot of progress fast. But then you eventually hit a brick wall.

Its like, cutting tomatoes as fast as you can with a knife you never sharpen.
-John Mark


2016-10-03 17:51:12

Will you be creating more games? I really enjoyed Empire Business 1 and 2.